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Hi guys, we are mother and daughter duo... This is us in Tunisia, i have no idea why I’m standing like that, or why i have a pink handbag that clearly doesn’t match my outfit in any way shape or form.... anyhoo.... What do i say about us, we're authors of Antares and the zodiac, and have a paranormal book that will be out shortly... We love to read, and we love to write, mom is a fantastic poet, and one poem in particular was the inspiration  for our paranormal romance novel-

The Dead of Time
He stands resolute in mahogany attire
Dark grimacing faces since the night of the fire
The melodious pendulum like a grand metronome
just souls lost in limbo, no place to call home
A repetitive tick as he talks to himself
Relives all the horrors he saw, no one else!
As they clung to the windows for a second reprieve
From out looking in, just unanswered screams
His grandfather hands, unusable fixtures
As he watched their lives fall into nightmares from pictures
His innards chimed twelve like an unearthly dream
Then his hands changed direction and the clock struck thirteen
Their ashen remains seeped through the walls
As he relived their anguish and gut wrenching calls
They slipped through his fingers, no second hand chance
Last breaths swept away in a momentary glance
Piercing stares through the shadows
Childish game between friends
Do they pay me a visit or just want revenge?
Disfigured corpses now discarded embers
Yet memories intact as each one remembers
His face now a punch bag, their last grasp a lifeline
As they grabbed for his fingers for turning back time
Complete suffocation, their putrid breath closes
A sheath on the floor, an arrangement of roses
A momentary silence, the clock strikes one
The past and with it his ghosts are gone
The grandfather clock stands alone in the hall
Like nothing had happened … nothing at all


mom entered it in a competition and has had it published in an anthology :) we are mad mad mad on animals- dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, tortoise (ok not an animal, but part of our family) here are our little doggies-



this was taken 5years ago... how sweet do they look :)



lol, my little foxy now- looking for her ball in the sea... which was still in my hand :)


lol, all the dogs at my moms... they get the settee, and we get the floor.... yup bout right....  When we can sit down, this is where we write together.... Normally ends up in a heated discussion of who's idea is better, lol until we agree that I'm right, (of course....) and we carry on with the novel...


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